Breanne Is an apparent female (although this is controversial as the majority of females of LIFE turn out to be in fact male) she is from New York.

Origin Edit

Breanne emerged from a Minecraft server owned by the infamous douche Jacob. After this rescue she became a part of LIFE as the typical teenage girl under then name "Zombre".

An Oath Edit

Although Bre pretended to not be madly in love with Kefka (She was very tsundere) she finally accepted her fate and took his 'hand' (lolpenis) in marriage. Although they only had a small ceremony the marriage was seen as fairly legitimate with guests such as Wivode, Mike154698 and Wafflez. However Bre felt that Kefka deserved better than her and an anulment was made shortly after.

The Return of Bre Edit

Bre decided she was too cool for life after some time and went on haitus. However after some time she discovered she was not in fact too cool for LIFE and returned in 2014. Now she spends most of her days waiting 20 minutes to blow her teacher.... no wait that's not right having 20 minutes to blow her teacher... no? oh I don't know it's Breanne deal with it.