Cog is an African American ex-member of the LIFEClan chat. His real name is Austin, and he can be found these days on PS3 playing terrible shovelware games.

The Famous ArgumentEdit

Sometime around 2009 or 2010 Cog was in the clan SL, with a few other members of the chat. He got into an argument with Feathers, who was the leader, about Super Smash Bros Melee, which then resulted in the destruction of the clan.

Gay BarEdit

Cog frequented the early stages of Minecraft, playing Classic mode with Wivode and Solid. They each made their own homes on a server. However, one day after Cog went to bed, Wivode and Solid turned Cog's basement into a gay bar. It sported stripper poles and various homosexual colours. This is believed to be the earliest contributing factor to Cog's insanity.

E-Crime and DepartureEdit

Before Cog's departure of the Internet he capatalized on the Modded PS3 that was going around at the time. This allowed you to burn PS3 game for free and play them on your PS3. He is believed to have downloaded over 100GBs of games. However, the Sony Police caught onto Cog's criminal activites and threatened to ban his PSN account. Cog was forced to delete all his downloaded games. This is believed to have sent Cog into a spiral of depression and insanity, in which he left the internet and resorted to street crime.