Kite also known as 'Kaitou' and 'MaruMariball' is the main owner of LifeClan. Kite is the Omnipotent leader of the life clan who everyone knows and loves. He can be quite forgetful at times so has the idea of writing things on his hand, however this doesn't work a lot of the time as he forgets it before writing on his hand. He once used to pretend to be a female from Japan under the influence of the evil being known as Kira (The evil one). Kite finally became the Bane of evil by reseting the chat so Kira could no longer visit.

Kite's appearance:Edit

Nobody yet knows what Kite looks like and a bounty of a picture is worth $300,000,000. It has been promised that a picture of him will be attainable in his game 'Shift'.

Kite the Hipster:Edit

Kite has possibly been infected with the disease known as "Hipsterifiliosis". Symptons that show this are his love for freeware indie games, His previous love for Lucky star and his non-mainstream attitude.