Kurumu (or Kuru for short) is a Frenchman from Quebec, and a semi-frequent member of the LIFEClan chat. Kurumu has a distant personality and little is known about him besides his love for drugs and Quebec.


Kurumu is a proud resident of the province of Quebec, which is a french speaking province of Canada. Kurumu is what you would call an "elitist" when it comes to the subject. He hates English Canadians, and believe Quebec should be a seperate country from Canada as to branch off into their own beliefs and laws. Many disputes have been had about Quebec, and little progress was made.

Drug AddictionEdit

The second thing Kuru is known for is his love for any kind of drug. He is believed to spend his days injecting heroin into his veins while eating Baguettes and fiddling with his Beret. Kurumu will try any drug you can name and it is advised to stay away from him IRL because he may be dangerous whilst high.