"i was mackin on this bitch lucy at the club,suddenly blue who was meant to be my wingman told her how he developed a tumor on his left nut but we ate arbys right after and it was cool " -Muse Confessions,pg.5

"im not a fan of chicken myself but ill be damned if i let a negro eat a mcdonalds chicken sandwich without getting reminded how much of a waste he is to the social structure of this society in its entirety"-Muse Confessions,pg.84

"this isn't just one plane of existence with one common shared perspective,the world i see is not the world you see,and the time i think is unable to turn any slower is probably expendable for you,millions of situations allow me to judge your predicament incorrectly but only one moment is required for me to notice how you perceive your world.who are you? who am i? these questions and more can be asked easily,but the answer not revealed without a journey into our hearts.we ride a constantly moving vehicle upon truth and it is easy for us to misunderstand the situation in which we're in but the truth of the matter is that as long as we hold ourselves true we will never lose the game."-Muse Confessions,pg.49,589 


Muse's reaction upon seeing the calladoody kids fall for his mastermind troll topic.

The Godking of xat,who descended upon the LIFE chat on its time of dire need.Mounting his Cyberstallion and wielding the sword Excalibur,the denizens of LIFE chat were 2spooked and thus hit Muse with innumerable amounts of banhammers.Slowly,he started working his magical hocus pocus shiggy niggy bing bang willy billy hoody woody poody doo shloop doop and brainwashed the members into loving him,thus he entered the chat unscathed and slowly developed a banhammer immunity.He is currently gaining the trust of the LIFE higher ups just so he can rise the ranks and ban everyone,thus achieving the second Day of the Banhammer

Mastermind PlansEdit

Muse has spent millenia fighting his arch-nemesis Blue,which he will one day fuse with and create the ultimate babby specimen so they can ultimately acquire all the milf tits.

Tolling Edit

Muse can be found occassionally tolling the calladoody kidz at 

Unfortunate IncidentEdit

Recently,after being hit with a lethal wave of irradiated wubwub,Muse shapeshifted into a Chocobo with unrivaled rapping skeelz.Hollaaaaaaaaaa we keep it tight in the 420 zone hit me with some purrrrrrp we blazin blazin