Napman1 (on the left)

"If it doesn't have Sonic in it i don't like it"-Napman1

Napman1, also known as Trevor, or Nap, is a resident of Joilet, Illinious, and is friends with Mozi. A devote Sanic worshiper, he is been compared to as "Chris Chan minus the autism".

He is also big fans of Sakura from Street Fighter, and any game that involves ninja's doing ninja stuff in a ninja sidescroller. Napman is also the biggest Sega fan on the chat, he owns 100 Genesis Consoles.

Napman1 was a member of the Toaster Duo, which consists of Napman and BigBlue, he has since left the Duo as he upgraded his computer.


Napman1 pre- new computer was the hardest person to please with anything. Old Nap could be compared to Panda, in the way that they were incredibly hard to show emotions, and criticised everything. New Napman is a much happier person, who loves sunshine and flowers.

Naps ToasterEdit

Nap's Toaster is his old 1977 computer which takes up an entire room. It has a built in 2 speed toast processer, which at the time was an incredible achievement in technology. This however didn't cover all of the faults and outdatedness of the technology, too many hugs would crash the toast processer. In December of 2012 Nap took his old toaster out back and shot it in the head, having found a new computer to replace it. Rip Naps Toaster.

Game Dev TycoonEdit

Nap has recently begun streaming the game "Game Dev Tycoon", or "GDT" for short. In this game you simulate Bill Cosby making video games in his garrage. The game was orginaly run by Team Kite, but when Kite had to leave during one of the stream's the Team Solid Dictator ship moved in. Who is more successful is yet to be seen.