Owen "Ice" Blakely is an ex-member of the LIFEChat. He is believed to be around 17 years old and a closet homosexual, although due to frequent lies his true credentials remain unknown.


Ice is believed to be a homosexual, and acted as one for years. His sexual orientation is evident as a result of his typing style, consisting of many "xD"s and "lmfao"s. At the end of his LIFE career (see Departure below), Ice made a declaration to the chat that he is infact not a homosexual, but this is widely believed to be a lie.


During Ice's stay at the chat he became more and more hated. Due to this, many photoshops of him were made displaying him in suggestive situations, or putting his face on other people.


Sometime in 2011, Ice made his final departure from the chat and has rarely been seen since. After constant bullying and exposed lies, he left with three bombshells.

1. He wasn't actually a homosexual. This is disputable.

2. Kite and Kira are actually the same person. The most believable, but ultimately disproven.

3. It was his brother on the chat the whole time. The most outlandish lie he's ever spoken.

Appearance on KBMOD streamsEdit

Following Ice's departure, he was still joked about and photoshopped into comical situations. During several KBMOD streams, chat leader Kaitou sprayed photoshops of Ice into Counter Strike. Spraying is the act of posting a saved image into the map. The image was shown on the stream to hundreds of people, and many laughs were had by all parties involved.


Screencap of the Incident