Roe also know as 'Nigga titanic', 'Ya nigga Roe' and 'Scott the Chav' is a Hobbit born and raised in the ghettos of Providence, Rhode Island. He is a stone cold Badass with a good sense of humor. Roe is in what seemingly could be the greatest band in the world, he plays the Bass guitar with his amazingguitar skills. He has a great taste in music, such as being a fan of the dropkick murphys. It is rumored that he is secretly first cousins with Mike. He is a great Ice Hockey player and once attempted to create a Ice Hockey team at his school, which got rejected so he joined his own team. He is known as being a really fucking shity Pokemon player

Affiliation with the Mafia:Edit

Roe has possibly been connected to the italian mafia boss 'Don Scottio'. notable similarities are, height, looks and taste in music.

The Defender of Squid:Edit

During the time of the minecraft server owned by Wivode and Solid , Roe created the much needed Fort Fuck You to fight off the rvicious hordes of squid on the server. He was the true hero of the server.

Affiliation with Al-Qaeda:Edit

Roe has been training to be a professional full time suicide bomber. He has started his training on video games such as Team Fortress Two and Saints Row. He has became fluent in arabic and is slowly rising the ranks of most wanted terrorist in terrorist town. 

Notable Quotes:Edit

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?"- Roe losing Three times against Mike in Pokemon.

"OI BRUV"- Scott The Chav

"HAHAHAHAHAHA MAGIC CARPET" - Roe's insult toward Scarhawk, a Muslim who was made fun of before he was banned.