Solid aka Captain Canada, Artists Rendition

"Vengeance will be server" -- SoLiD

"rd i thinker 2" -- SoLiD

Solid (also known as Canadian, SoLiD, Salid, oslid, slid, and various other aliases) is a regular non-member of the LIFE chat. 


Solid has his roots in surviving gangster life on the hard streets of Ottawa, Canada. After his upbringing as a crime lord flopped at the young age of 13 or 14 he moved onto trying to join the MLG for the Xbox 360 under the gamertag xxiiLiighTsOuTxxi360420xxxixixixxxx, but felt more success in the life of Wii FPS games. Upon realizing the mediocracy of the console, he grew bored with it and eventually began life anew on the PS3. It was approximately at this time where he began to play games alongside the members of the LIFEClan. 


Solid would become aggrivated when put in the same chatbox as those he finds annoying. A list of a few of these rivals include:

- Ice

- Aura

- Rockman

- Kurumu

- All those who live in Quebec

- All those who can't put together a sentence

- All those who can't create a coherent or relevant thought in conversation

rd i thinker 2Edit

Solid's most famous quote, in which he tried saying "October 23rd" in response of when Battlefield 3 was going to be released. It has said that Solid's brain had relapsed at the moment of typing and rd i thinker 2 was all that could come out of his head as Solid's Brain entered reboot mode.

Love TriangleEdit

Solid is currently within a love triangle between Wiv and BigBlue. The triangle itself shifts from day to day but Solid is in the center of true bromanship, is he Blue's best bro or Wiv's? (totally not gay they are just friends yo).

A BigBlue X Solid fanfic has been in the works multiple times but no party who takes up the challenge has been able to finish it (presumbed to be threatened by the Mob to stop all actions quielty).

jk they're so fucking gay

jk jk pls no, its not true.