Tim (also known as tim the enchanter, tiny tim 64, terrifying tim, terrorizing tim, timmeh, MC slim tim, lovemachine69, amongst others) is a fat fuck who can out spit any nigga who runs up on him in the club. He lives in kentucky but is not inbred, causing much speculation and even some rumors of divine origin, or possibly even adoption. due to his shape shifting abilites, people often confuse him for a stoner, a man of african heritage, Rob Dyrdrek, and Chris griffin.

PS triple Edit

Tim was an avid PS triple user from 2009 to 2011. After deciding to actually buy new games for once and dropping $90 on uncharted 3 and saint's row 3, as well as facing the horrors of black friday, his PS3 promptly shut itself off forever. 1 year later he played both games. niether of them lived up to his expectations. 

it should also be noted that Blue and Tim have not had a functioning PS3 simultaneously in over a year. Despite multiple letters to Barack Obama about resolving this issue, The president's administration has said the problem will be a second priority for the US government, behind destroying religion and in front of taking away the white man's freedom.

Achievments and creationsEdit

Tim has co-founded a hentai art firm with Blue. it is currently the most beloved pornographic material on the internet, causing the deaths of trillions of sperm cells a day. The duo are in the talks of repainting the cieling of the cistine chapel with biblical rule 34.

brief time spent living as an ultra-conservative puritanEdit

Tim has never done this. It is unlikely that he ever will.

The Downfall of TimEdit

Tim slowly became corrupt and with his final struggle against his mind he finally fell into complete madness as he argued with Solid over if sexing a drunk female is considered rape. His mind could not handle the (better) opinion of others and left forever proclaiming LIFE support rape. rip2013.