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Wafflez is an awesome guy from Wisconsin. He enjoys video games, Anime, manga and bowling. He is a bowling pro and has almost ogt a perfect score in bowling. He enjoys otaku and goes to Anime conventions. He also has recently gained a liking to Kpop. The Legend of Zelda series is one of which he enjoys.


Waffles Actual Photo

He and Mike are best buds, who love to play Tekken. Waffles is said to be made of buttermilk, and is quite delicious with Nutella and Peanut Butter lathered on him (give it a try, its pretty great). His father is named FTC.CO and is one badass mofo. (See VA_Hero for example of badass mofo) He also has a friend named Andy.

His name may be Wafflez but his favorite food turns out to be jelly which he eats daily. He does however sometimes eat Wafflez with jelly.


Wafflez is the LIFE Clan's resident weaboo. He is an expert in a vast variety of different anime series (Prounounced Animu). He along with TehBigBlue, Kaitou and Shinkky are fans of the anime K-On, in which the character Mio is Wafflez favorite.

Famous QuoteEdit

" ... "- When Mike isn't around.