Actual Wivode Photograph

Wivode (nicknamed Wiv) is an 18 year old mastermind and TF2 prodigy from Washington. He grew up in a mormon town but luckily was not converted by them during his stay.


Wivode graduated his High School with a 4.5 GPA (the first in American history), the star of his Track and Field team, and the best Jazz band player. Upon waiting for college applications, Wiv recieved offers for Rocket Engineering, Astronaut Academies, and more. However, these subjects of study were trivial to him so he pursued something else. He currently studies Computer Programming which is more to his interest. It is projected that in the near future he will program powerful AI programs to take over the world.



Artists Rendition of Malachi the Snail

Back in the day, Wivode sported his infamous "Snail" avatar, named Malachi the Snail. which was loved by many. However, shortly after some Internet scum (scorp) took his picture and reproduced it for any poser who asked him. Thus entering the mainstream, Wivode retired his Snail. However he has since taken up a Traffic Cone, as seen in his PSN avatar and on his Pyro. It has been said that the magical Traffic Cone of Wiv gives him the ability to run at super sonic speeds, much to the jealousy of Napman1, who trys to achieve such feat by buying various sanic hats with no avail.

The original Snail has been forever lost, but an artists rendition of the original exists (photo shown).

TF2 AddictionEdit

It is also noted that Wivode has an addiction to the Valve video game Team Fortress 2. He clocks hundreds of hours every month, and plays with a traveling e-sports team in his spare time. He is a mastermind of the TF2 economy and this is how he makes a living and pays for college.

Skyrim IncidentEdit

Similar to the TF2 Addiction, Wivode was addicted to the video game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim during its release. It was said that he didn't sleep for 78 hours and managed to complete the game in its entirety within that timespan.


  • Wivode can run at the speed of sound.
  • Wiv's roommate is Chao.
  • Wivode lives hours away from Puffhead.